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Important Facts and Dates for the NEW Payment Manager!

  1. Beginning on Tuesday July 19, 2011 through July 20, 2011, you will not be able to add new payees or invoices to be paid. All invoices set up in the CheckFree bill pay system on these dates to be paid will be paid as normal.
  2. At the end of the business day Wednesday July 20, 2011  all your payees will be copied from the CheckFree billpay sytem to the new GDWB Payment Manager. No later than July 27, 2011 your payment history from the CheckFree billpay system will be copied to the new GDWB Payment Manager.
  3. If you have E-Bills currently set up in the CheckFree billpay system, you will have to set up these E-Bills again in the new GDWB Payment Manager.


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